That’s the most common response when people first see our products.  We designed our patented products because of a great need for them.   They are all unique as well as useful and can be used as a promotional marketing tool as well.  We started in 1998 under the name of Rymark Plastics, LLC by offering the AUTO Hanger to help Dry-Cleaning customers bring their newly-pressed clothing home wrinkle-free.

In 2004, we purchased The Hanger Holder Company which brought us the CARRIER Hanger.   We kept the HANGER HOLDER name as it best describes our products. In 2006, we introduced the most durable HOME DELIVERY Hanger to the market due to high demand from our customers. Home Delivery is becoming a fast-growing service in the Dry Cleaning business, and we now offer the best product to assist our customers in delivering clothing to homes across the nation.  We invite you to try our hangers and discover for yourself what everyone is talking about!